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Member Schools

Member schools educate girls and are strongly committed to the goals of the Alliance. All Alliance member schools are listed in the Schools Directory.

Schools Directory

Members of the Executive

The Executive oversees the operation of the Alliance. The members of the Executive are principals of Alliance Member schools, elected to represent their state or region. Loren Bridge is the Executive Officer and the Alliance also employs a part-time researcher, Kate Broadley.



We are proud to have several inspiring and outstanding women as valued Patrons of the Alliance. Our patrons actively endorse the function and role of our organisation.


Honorary Members

Honorary and Associate Membership is vested in the individual, not the school. Honorary Members have all the privileges of membership exclusive of voting and eligibility for office.

Our Honorary Members have been offered this position after they have retired from their positions as Principals of an Alliance School. They have been active members of the Alliance for many years, have made an outstanding contribution to the organisation, and have demonstrated significant commitment to the furtherance of education of girls in all-girls schools.

Honorary Members

Associate Members

Associate Membership may be available, at the discretion of the Executive, to past members of the Alliance or interested persons upon application (with the exception of Principals or nominees of girls' schools) who will pay a one-off membership fee as set by the Executive. Associate Members have all the privileges of membership exclusive of voting and eligibility for office.

We are grateful for the support of our Honorary and Associate Members.

Associate Members


The Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia has a close working relationship with like-minded organisations in North America, The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools and the United Kingdom, the Girls’ Schools Association.


Close bonds

My favourite part of going to a girl's school is the close bonds that form between everyone, which I know will last far beyond graduation, and also, the comfortable environment.
Tessa Student

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