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Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Brisbane Girls Grammar School
Ms Jacinda Euler
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Brisbane Girls Grammar School is a secular secondary school for girls, located on the edge of Brisbane’s CBD. Internationally renowned for innovative educational practice and a consistent record of academic achievement, Girls Grammar is a unique and vibrant learning community. This is not an academically selective school, nor does it offer scholarships. The consistently impressive academic results are the outcome of high quality teaching, engaged students and visionary leadership. An extensive range of subjects combined with comprehensive co-curricular activities and well developed student care programmes provide the opportunities for girls to express their individuality and develop their aspirations. Grammar girls are encouraged to set themselves high standards, to be strong and resilient in their endeavours and to approach their world with wisdom, imagination and integrity. From Year 8, learning experiences are designed to excite and meet the needs of teenaged girls, capturing their imagination, securing their academic foundation and establishing a love of learning. Embedded extension activities, trans-disciplinary projects and involvement in national and international competitions are just some of the ways the School stimulates a growth mindset for students. Over its 136 year history the School has had a strong focus on community service. The students consistently engage with and contribute to the physical, emotional, intellectual and economic development and welfare not only of their School community but of society at large. In addition to the Brisbane campus the School’s second campus, Marrapatta, is a well-resourced outdoor education facility established to provide a range of experiences and challenges specifically designed for girls. This centre is sited 175km north of Brisbane in the picturesque Mary Valley. Outdoor Education is regarded as an integral part of the School’s Junior Curriculum emphasising environmental awareness, enhanced knowledge of self, improved interpersonal skills and physical challenge. In anticipation of future educational needs and the addition of Year 7 students in 2015 the School has strategically planned and already successfully executed several unique projects, such as the establishment of the Differentiated Studies Faculty—to allow for greater personalisation and differentiation in classes; campus developments, including the award winning Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre; a new pool and undercover sports area; and a wireless network that supports multiple teaching and learning technologies. The impressive educational activities of the Brisbane Girls Grammar students and staff can be viewed on our website (, which profiles the energy, optimism and effectiveness of the School's initiatives and achievements.

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