• Nurturing atmosphere

    The positive and nurturing atmosphere is such that you want to be part of it in a girls’ school.
  • Community conversation

    What I love about going to school is that you can sit down next to anyone and have a conversation, and always find something in common.
    Gemma Student
  • Independent women

    What an all girls’ school gave me was the knowledge, born of day to day lived experience, that women are independent, equal citizens of the world, capable of running it.
    Senator Christine Milne Leader of the Australian Greens; Graduate of St Mary’s College
  • No messy boys

    I like my school because it's an all-girls school and there are no boys to be messy.
    Sahara Year 1 student
  • Opportunity to be successful

    Everyone has the opportunity to be successful in her own area of interest and expertise.
  • Absence of boys

    I am sure the absence of boys meant teenage girls could pursue their interests without distraction.
  • Confidence to succeed

    Going to a girls’ school gives you the confidence to do what you want to do! There's no holding back and no lack of self confidence because everybody accepts you for who you are.
    Nicole Student at Danebank Anglican School for Girls
  • Centre Stage

    Girls are always centre stage – they lead, participate and get involved.
  • Growing bonds

    We are all so tightly bonded, we are like sisters and it’s such a fun, friendly, accepting and exciting environment.
    Mzuri Student at Toorak College
  • Who we truly are

    We can be completely ourselves all the time, and learn to love ourselves and each other for who we truly are.
    Cassidy Student at Tara Anglican School for Girls
  • Few distractions

    An all girls’ education means there are few distractions in class and we feel we have more confidence to both ask and answer questions and to participate fully in the class.
    Antonia Morris Graduate of Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Caring

    I like being at a girls’ school because the girls are nice and kind and caring for others.
    Jemma Infants
  • Confidence

    Brigidine gave me the capability to recognise opportunities, the confidence to grasp these opportunities and the attitude and values to make the most of them.
    Heather Galvin College Captain 1997
  • Striving to reach their goals

    An all-girls school provides a safe haven for girls to become women, and to strive in an environment built around their specific needs.
  • Close community

    What I appreciate most is seeing friendship develop over the years, and forming a really close community of girls that you know will support you through your final years.
  • Share openly

    Going to a girls’ school is like having heaps of sisters. You can talk to them about anything, not feel self conscious and just have fun!
    Maddy Student at St Michaels’ Collegiate
  • Strength and gentleness

    I see strength not only in the teachers’ commitment to our education but in the interest they take in our lives and wellbeing. I see gentleness in our commitment to social justice, how our community interacts and in the way we treat ourselves and the world around us.
    Hayley Senior Student - Brigidine College Indooroopilly
  • Open environment

    I love the gentle and open environment of a girls' school, and basically being comfortable around girls every day who I know can understand me really well.
    Melissa Student
  • Confident girls

    At an all girls’ school I have truly found myself and nobody is ever worried they‘ll look silly in front of the boys. Even the girls who don’t like sport or aren’t very good get involved.
    Taylor Student at Toorak College
  • Making a difference

    The paramount message when I was at school was about making a difference in our communities, and this continues to be something that I strive to achieve in my professional and volunteer work.
    Jane Kenny Manager at the NSW Law and Justice Foundation; Graduate of Loreto Kirribilli
  • Gift of a lifetime

    School taught me about networks, teams and leadership and gave me a level of confidence in myself and my intellectual judgement. The only gift you keep for a lifetime is your education and I use mine every day.
    Margy Osmond Chief Executive of the Australian National Retailers Association; Graduate of Brisbane Girls Grammar
  • Opportunities

    Seize every opportunity
  • Make an impact

    We can make an impact one person at a time. You can never learn too much. Women can do anything and everything.
    Sharnie Kunde Graduate of Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School
  • Leadership opportunities

    I was given some wonderful leadership opportunities, and developed independence and resilience.
    Alison Watkins Managing Director and CEO of GrainCorp; Graduate of St Michael’s Collegiate School
  • My place

    This is my place without my brothers.
    Lucy Infants
  • Realising dreams

    Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing young women realising dreams and leaving school more articulate, more confident and willing to lead influential lives globally.
    Roz Mexted Principal
  • No gender norms

    Being at an all-girls’ school meant we could have a go at everything. There was no gendered allocation of tasks, no conforming to gender norms, no peer pressure to be a particular sort of girl.
    Pru Goward NSW Politician; Graduate of Woodlands CEGGS
  • The whole person

    I was taught the ‘right’ thing to do at school. It seemed to be a focus - not only to excel in the academic and sporting fields, but to become a good person within yourself and for yourself too.
    Donna Duggan Founder of Maasai Wanderings in Tanzania; Graduate of Moreton Bay College
  • Pioneers

    Educators in single sex girls’ schools were the pioneers of educational reform that has made great gains for the schooling of girls. I see myself as a beneficiary of the best that a girls’ school education can provide.
    Professor Sally Walker Former Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University; Graduate of Melbourne Girls Grammar
  • Supportive environment

    You don't have to be afraid if you'll look 'cool' before you pursue something you love. Everyone's amazing and supportive; all the girls look out for one another like a family.
    Zoya Student at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Vic
  • Protected environment

    My school years allowed me to learn and mature in an environment that was protected and encouraging. The teachers instilled in us the importance of respecting humanity.
    Deborah Jefferson Barrister; Graduate of Melbourne Girls Grammar
  • Influence

    I still have vivid memories of my very enjoyable teenage years at school, which has had immense influence on my personal and career development.
    Chang Lai Shan Eliza St. Stephen's Girls' College graduate and Hong Kong solicitor
  • Close bonds

    My favourite part of going to a girl's school is the close bonds that form between everyone, which I know will last far beyond graduation, and also, the comfortable environment.
    Tessa Student
  • Results stand on their own

    The school's academic results stand on their own; it is the difference in how the school will shape your daughter’s life and way of thinking that sets itself apart.
  • Mentored by excellent role models

    My daughter's school provides very strong, capable women who are able to stand up for what they believe and have skills to provide a rationale for their actions. They are mentored by excellent role models.

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